About Us


It all started when…

In 1995, W. Hubert Plummer was Of Counsel to a firm in Mineola. His son, Hubert G. Plummer was in his fifth year as an attorney with a medium sized firm in Manhattan. Neither were thrilled with their situations and decided to form a family law firm based on the idea of acting as general counsel to small to medium sized businesses on Long Island and to counsel and help individual clients with real estate, estate planning and probate. They wanted to get away from the business of law and back into the practice of law. Close, long term clients that were not merely a means to a billable hour.

They settled on Hauppauge as a good compromise for all parts of Long Island and hung up their shingle.

Since then they have handled hundreds of house closings, many probates and advised and drafted many wills. They have represented businesses, some for over 20 years. They have helped form businesses in New York and Delaware. They have filed trademarks, and defended copyrights. They have represented local churches and other charities. They are working with a developer creating apartments and condominiums in the Capital District near Albany.

With 25 years of experience together and over 90 years combined, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you get through life’s challenges.