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Whether you are buying your first or fifth home, a commercial building or negotiating a commercial lease, we can help guide you through the confusion and make sure the legal aspects of your deal are fair and honest. In our almost 25 years of practice, we have closed hundreds of residential home sales and purchases on the Island and in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our goal is to get the deal done with as little hassle and heartache as possible. We have a close relationship with a local title company that has been ongoing for 20 years.

We have also handled commercial sales and purchases on the Island and commercial leases in Manhattan. We have experience with 1031 exchanges.

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The firm was founded with the objective of establishing retainer relationships with four or five operating companies not large enough to justify an in-house attorney. The firm is committed to serving general counsel needs of retainer firms, with the balance of the practice related to startup companies. We have served as outside general counsel to:

· A stock trading company
· A stock clearing firm
· Foreign currency trading firm
· Security printing firm
· Specialty printing for the dry cleaning industry
· Certified public accounting firm
· Clinical services firm
· Home improvement contractor
· Real estate developer
· Electronic/Computerized gaming company



From your first will to a complex estate plan to probating the will of a recently deceased loved one, we have the experience to guide and advise you through these important but confusing and emotional times of life.

It is important to have a will. If you die without a will New York State decides who gets your treasures. The law has a formula that determines who gets how much. If you want to control where your property goes after you die, you really should have a will.

We are not going to try to sell you something you don’t need. No complicated trusts unless they are warranted.

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While those three are the main focus of our practice, we handle many other matters including:

Trademarks and Copyright registration and defense

Administrative actions before Nassau and Suffolk consumer protection bureaus 

Licensing of home renovation contractors in Nassau and Suffolk

Issues related to charitable Bingo in New York State